Playing with Purpose DVD


All children learn and socialize through play. Unfortunately, one of the major deficits a child with autism exhibits is the inability to play appropriately with a variety of toys and other children.

Playing With Purpose beckons the child with autism to open the doorway to play. The child is able to learn essential independent play skills that lead to the world of reinforcing interactions with other children and a variety of toys.

Playing With Purpose uses a technique called video modeling. Research and experience suggest that using video modeling techniques enables children with autism to learn and socialize more effectively.

In its initial phases, your child may exhibit new skills such as:

  • Attention to action and verbalizations/speech
  • Immediate direct imitation of play actions
  • Increase in verbalizations and vocalizations
  • Initiation of requests for objects or help
  • Expansion of vocabulary and sentence length

This DVD is an easy, cost-effective way to teach autistic children how to play and to enter into a world of social interactions with other children!

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