your child sees the play, you see the purpose

Welcome to Lynn DeSalvo’s Play with Purpose LLC — a company that’s passionate about educating preschool children through the art and joy of play.

Notes …

A blog that shows parents, caregivers, and educators how to work with children on the autism spectrum: everything from play philosophies to setting up a play space to getting the child ready to learn can be found here.

Play Programs …

Play with Purpose LLC has developed a communication curriculum that uses three educational programs to playfully engage your child in the world of words — seeing them, saying them, and placing them in their environments. The Play Programs work together to build vocabulary, object awareness, speech, comprehension, social skills, and relational understanding. In addition, there is a How To program for grownups to complement the three programs.

Services …

Services available in New Jersey by the founder of Play with Purpose, Lynn DeSalvo, include private consultations, online play sessions, and Zoom workshops.

What other people say

Lynn’s title as a speech-language pathologist goes far beyond what is expected. She is a mentor, role model, friend and one who seeks out the best in everyone. Her caring nature is contagious, as well as her patience and creativity. She continues to inspire me to strengthen my career and influence that I have on others, as she has done for herself. She never stops looking for new ways to better the lives of the children she works with. She looks for ways in which she can combine her personal hobbies and passions with her ability to help others communicate, which is so unique. It has truly been a pleasure having Lynn as a supervisor, colleague and friend.

― Mara Cole, MS, CCC-SLP

Lynn is one of the most intelligent, creative and caring clinicians I know. Over the years, her demonstration of superb clinical and therapeutic skills influenced me to become the fine clinician I am today… Lynn’s love and dedication to the children inspired all that worked with her.

― K. O’Conner, Brooklyn Blue Feather Early Learning Center

You are without a doubt one of Tommy’s main angels! It is really hard to express how grateful we are to you for all your loving hard work which you always made fun for him. You are so wonderful at what you do – you make it look easy! We cannot thank you enough.

― Susan and Tom, Parents

As a teacher of young children on the autism spectrum, appropriate play skills are always a crucial goal in my classroom. The Playing with Purpose video has achieved enormous success across a wide variety of children in my classes. Children who used to be almost non-verbal have begun to make appropriate comments during their play. Children who used to throw dolls on the floor have begun to feed them with a bottle and brush their hair. Children who used to roll cars endlessly back and forth have begun to follow theme based actions like getting gas. Moreover, the children love the videos! They generalize these skills into the classroom and their homes!

― Amy Bergen, Teacher, Central Park Early Learning Center

About Us

Play with Purpose LLC is a New Jersey-based company owned by Lynn DeSalvo that works to educate children on the autism spectrum through play.

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