Notes from Lynn

Play is something that requires deep engagement with ourselves, with each other, and our environment. When we think of the word “play” we usually assign it to the realm of childhood. But to my thinking, play is for everyone, all age groups, all abilities. It is my goal, as a speech-language pathologist specializing in communication and play, to share my 25 years of experience to guide teachers, parents, and administrators in the many purposes of play. To educate through play, to make play accessible to everyone, and to explore all the ways play affects us throughout our lives: from preschoolers to adults. I will offer various strategies, suggestions, and materials to assist you and look forward to what it is you may have to offer.

I hope through this blog and this website to create a format for an exchange of ideas for how we can make play more inclusive in all of our activities.

It is my belief that through the prism of play, we can learn the art of life.

Why play?

Play is the way we ENTER
The world of interaction (house of belonging)
The world of learning and
The world of fun…

Play helps us UNDERSTAND
Words, language, and concepts
How to communicate effectively
Perspective of other people
Rules and consequences
Different roles we can have
Each other

Community and connection
Motivation to work through differences
Worlds only limited by our imaginations

Play enables us to EXPLORE
Boundaries in a safe environment
Function of objects
The natural world around us
The unlimited potential our bodies and minds have

Play TEACHES us –
How to negotiate
To take turns
Awareness of our bodies in space
Awareness of our bodies in relation to other people
Control and what happens when we lose control
To think critically
To problem solve
How to work together
To think outside of the box

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