Anticipation is the electricity of childhood. — Jason Kotecki Who doesn’t remember at some point in their childhood looking at a wrapped present with their name on it and feeling some excitement?       “I wonder what’s inside?”       “Will it be something I can play with?”       “Is it somethingContinue reading “Anticipation”

October is Sensory Processing Awareness Month

The human body uses five senses — taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell — to send information to the brain, where it is then processed and acted upon. For some children, they have either too much information coming in or too little. This can be overwhelming and/or confusing for the child, causing them to respondContinue reading “October is Sensory Processing Awareness Month”


PLAY When the things we do are engaging and fun, we learn from these experiences. As such, play is my primary focus, especially for young children. Ideally, I think all of us should have fun learning and growing.  When I think of what I am passionate about, I am playful in the way I growContinue reading “PLAY. COMMUNICATE. CONNECT.”